Access Insurance Agency

Access Auto Insurance of Indiana and Arizona has been helping people find the right insurance coverage for their needs for over fifteen years. Digital Initiatives provides SEO outreach and optimization responsibilities for Access and its Newins-affiliated brands, facilitating online promoting and B2C correspondence across Access’ several storefront locations throughout Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lawrence and East Chicago.

A-Abana Insurance Agency

A-Abana Auto Insurance and its affiliates were founded in 1975, providing first-in-class non-standard auto insurance to communities for over 40 years. With over eleven storfronts located throughout Texas, A-Abana is supported by Digital Initiatives as well as Access’ other state-specific branded locations.

Illinois Vehicle Insurance Agency

Illinois Vehicle operates as one of Newins’ 90-plus retail, non-standard auto insurance companies located throughout the Chicagoland area. With over 40 years of experience, Illinois Vehicle is an industry-leading example of exemplary insurance solutions at an affordable price.